Port in Pink?

>> Friday, July 17, 2009

Probably some of you already heard about this, as this is not fresh news, but it's time for me to talk about this wine.
I always considered myself a little traditionalist considering Port, after all, Port it's a kind of a traditional wine, with lots of culture and a little closed, until now, for some creativity.
I really understand why Taylor's, the first producer to put a Pink Port in the market, and one of the most traditional producers in Port, "invented" this wine. It's time to get some new consumers and introduce themselves to Port Wine.
I think the target will be mostly young people, specially women, who doesn't know anything about Port, that are spending a lot of time in discos and bars, wasting time with shots of vodka, tequila, or anything else. Port is a fortified wine, which means a wine with a lot of alcohol, and with all those propaganda against wine and alcohol beverages, port will tend to be less consumed.
But what's a Pink Port? Well, in a few words you can consider a Pink Wine but in this case, fortified. What is it like? Well, this was made to be a easy drink to be consumed early, as a casual drink, in the beginning of a meal, as an aperitif. You can join this port with some ice, some tonic water, or whatever you think it will go well. Just enjoy it fresh, really fresh, and i think you all will like it. I really do, when forgetting a little bit my traditional mind, and thinking it as a joy, casual, fresh and uncompromising Port.
I will recommend Croft Pink and Quevedo Rosé Port, as these great examples of this wine is meant to be.


PS - Don't you ever forget this: Wine is probably the best drink in the world, but only when consumed with moderation.


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