Fonseca Vintage Port 1963

>> Friday, July 17, 2009

After 46 years, 44 to be exact since this wine was probably bottled in 65, it was my time to taste this wine. It's with some emotion and great respect that i taste an old Port.
1963 was what we can call a classic year as was a general declaration for almost all Port Houses. The year went so great for Port that this was considered to be one of the best vintages in the 20th century. Great ports were created in this year, ports with a long life ahead.
When i took the first look to the glass, i saw this beautiful and brilliant ruby color, a little orange in the rim. It was time to lift the glass to the noose as the anxiety was so much.
The pedigree of a great port. Lots of complexity invaded my nose. First, that beautiful smell of strawberry's and a little bit of plums, but not those over mature plums. Then came some old closet smell, some spice box and some chocolate. All this was coming and coming, and coming.
The first sip took me to heaven. All this delicacy, all this finesse, and all this balance, was really unbelievable in a single wine. The wine was so balanced that not even a single moment i sensed the alcohol, not for a moment i was disturbed by anything than this "nirvana state" that the wine gave to me. Creamy, elegant, had a finish that took about a minute and after that, i was wondering for the next sip. A remarkable wine, almost perfect in all senses ,that everyone should drink at least one time in his life. One of the best ports i've ever had.
19,5 Points


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