2007 Vintage Port is coming to town

>> Saturday, July 18, 2009

No, this is not fresh news for most of you but probably someone who doesn't follow the news might find this helpful.

Well, 2007 Vintage Ports are being released as i write this words, but only a bunch of producers already have the wines in the shelves, as a lot of them will release their wines in October.

Let me talk about this vintage, and how special it is. Usually the best years for a Vintage Port are those real hot years where the grapes tend to get over maturation, but 2007 wasn't like that, was really fresh most of the year, even August was fresher than usually and September was quite dry. What makes it special is that in a great year for still wines in Douro, we've got beautiful Ports too. A rare case of a vintage that is excellent for the two kind of wines. Speaking with a lot of producers and winemakers, all said that they would have to go back for a long time to find a vintage like this, and even some didn't find any.
Almost all Port Houses declared Vintage Port in 2007. I tasted some of them, at least the major players and was stunned with the wines. We will not have those "brutal" Ports like in 2003, but instead, wines of powerful but with some elegance too. Some of the wines, like the Niepoort vintage 2007, for example, are quite approachable right now, but they have a lot of tannins, a lot of structure and acidity to keep them alive for decades. In sum, an amazing year for Ports, and still wines, in Douro.
From the ones i tasted, just take a look at Dow's, Niepoort, Noval, Warre (quite a surprise), and Taylor's. You won't get disappointment on these wines, that's for sure. I will leave you with a video, where Dirk Niepoort talks about Vintage Port in 2007.



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